Electro-catalysts for Air Cathodes – Based on nano-structured carbon, pH Matter is developing next-generation oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) catalyst materials for air cathode applications. These materials are produced from inexpensive precursors using a process that is scalable and economical. We are currently developing a series of electro-catalysts for our customers and partners for a range of air cathode applications. For further information or to discuss your product needs, please contact us.

Product Pricing Availability
COR-Alkaline $1,275 /1 kg

COR-Alkaline $275/100 g Contact Us
COR-Acid Custom Order Contact Us

*For 10 g samples of the COR catalyst please Contact Us .

Custom Manufacturing – We are currently offering this material for custom manufacturing. Please contact us for more information.

Download Our COR Catalyst Datasheet HereAdobe PDF