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pH Matter Receives Funding to Commercialize Air Cathode Materials

pH Matter, LLC has received Phase II funding through the NSF SBIR program  to accelerate commercialization of its air cathode technology. The funding will be used to develop new products, in coordination with the company’s customers and partners, based on pH Matter’s proprietary Carbon-based Oxygen Reduction (COR) catalyst materials. The materials are finding uses in a range of air cathode applications, including metal-air batteries, fuel cells, and electrolysis equipment. This phase of funding coincides with deployment of pH Matter’s pilot-scale process, which is now producing one kilogram per day of COR catalyst material. The NSF program also creates great potential for the company to attract follow-on investment, as the program will provide matching funds to further third-party investment that pH Matter obtains. Dr. Paul Matter, President of pH Matter, stressed the importance of this funding when he stated, “within two years this program will help take our company from predominantly R&D projects, to a company that runs on commercial sales.” For more information, or to discuss partnership and investment opportunities, contact us.