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pH Matter Delivers Carbon Formation Reactor to NASA

To support long-duration manned missions beyond low-earth orbit, such as missions to mars, spacecraft life-support systems need to recover oxygen from carbon dioxide exhaled by the crew.  Consequently, NASA scientists are developing systems that can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and solid carbon.  An important step in those reactor systems is catalyst assisted conversion of carbon-containing gas streams into solid carbon.  pH Matter specializes in research and development of products related to carbon nano-materials.  The company has also developed its own commercial reactor for production of carbon materials from carbon-containing gas streams.  NASA recently contracted pH Matter for the delivery of a prototype continuous carbon formation reactor.  The reactor is part of a system being developed by NASA that produces solid carbon continuously from carbon dioxide while recovering oxygen for life support systems. Within the contract pH Matter has demonstrated the viability of its reactor design for NASA’s needs, and delivered a prototype reactor module for testing at NASA’s Glenn Research Center and Marshall Space Flight Center.  The next step in the project will be construction of an automated full-scale brass board prototype for eventual demonstration on the International Space Station.  Applications for use of the technology on earth include carbon nanomaterial manufacturing and carbon sequestration.  For more information, contact us.