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pH Matter Awarded "Liquid Fuel Battery" Patent

Fig. 1. Liquid Fuel Battery Case

Columbus, Ohio, October 24, 2018 – pH Matter was recently awarded a U.S. patent for the design of an ethanol-powered fuel cell system.  This fuel cell design is also known as the “liquid fuel battery” because of its similarity to a metal-air battery.  Metal-air batteries are commonly used in hearing aids and other applications that require high energy density.  However, unlike metal-air batteries, the liquid fuel battery can be recharged by filling it with fresh ethanol.  The unique cell and system design is enabled by pH Matter’s proprietary air cathode catalysts, which unlike traditional catalysts, are active for oxygen reduction but not active for fuel oxidation.  pH Matter recently demonstrated a 25-Watt prototype of the system for the U.S. Air Force in partnership with Lockheed Martin.  The patent adds to pH Matter’s growing intellectual property portfolio, which includes its patented boron nitride nano-materials, over 10 pending U.S. and international patents related to catalysts, fuel cells, electrolysis, and batteries, licensed technologies from its partners, and numerous trade secrets.