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PEM Fuel Cell Materials

pH Matter, LLC is introducing new multi-functional carbon-based materials into the Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell market.  PEM fuel cells are being increasingly adopted for automotive power, materials handling (fork lifts), bus fleets, and stationary power applications.  pH Matter has been a leader in development of new materials for electrochemical applications, with particular expertise in carbon-based electrodes for fuel cells, batteries, and electrolysis.  The company is now developing carbon-based materials with enhanced properties for use in PEM fuel cells, including enhanced performance and durability.  In conventional PEM fuel cells carbon black, developed for non-electrochemical applications, is used in the electrodes.  Carbon black is electrically conductive and provides surface area for dispersion of platinum catalysts; however, conventional carbon materials are not optimal for transportation of reactants, long-term binding of the catalyst, and resistance to oxidation.  pH Matter has developed a multi-functional synthetic carbon material with optimal properties for performance and durability.  This material can also enhance the performance of the platinum catalyst, reducing fuel cell cost.  Consequently, pH Matter’s solution is cost-effective considering the benefits, and readily scalable.  The material is currently being produced in kilogram quantities, with plans for further scale-up with market demand.  Development was funded through the Department of Energy Small Business Innovation Research program.  Prospective customers can send requests here for more information and/or sampling.