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Engineered Li-ion Battery Materials

pH Matter, LLC is developing engineered silicon for use in lithium-ion battery anodes.  Lithium ion batteries are an important form of energy storage for portable electronics.  To further expand electric vehicle adoption, batteries with higher energy density and lower cost are required.  Silicon-based anodes can boost the energy a battery stores by greater than 60% without a significant increase in size or cost, but currently these electrodes are not sufficiently durable for commercial adoption.  pH Matter has extensive expertise in the development and commercialization of electrode components for fuel cells, batteries and electrolysis equipment.  The company is now using its expertise and capabilities in processing of electrode materials to develop a silicon /carbon composite with stability in the lithium-ion anode environment.  The work is being led by pH Matter Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Chris Holt, who is a veteran of silicon processing in the semi-conductor industry.  According to Mr. Holt, “our company’s unique capabilities allow us to produce materials that can be drop-in replacements for manufacturing equipment used to make conventional Li-ion battery components; and these materials are made using scalable approaches”.   Development was funded through the Department of Energy Small Business Innovation Research program.  Prospective customers and partners can send requests here for more information and/or sampling.