Semi-Finalists Announced for TechColumbus Innovation Awards   On Thursday, February 2, 2012 the annual TechColumbus Innovation Awards will showcase Central Ohio’s many achievements by honoring its top innovators. It is a night of networking, prestige, and celebration. Winners in 13 award categories will be announced to an audience of 1,100+ attendees. pH Matter, LLC is proud to announce they are a Semi-Finalist in the “Outstanding Startup Business” category. “It is an honor to be a Semi-Finalist for this award and to be recognized ...


pH Matter is delighted to announce that we have revamped our website making changes to several of our pages and to our product offerings. We have also launched a new poll which you can find on the right hand side of any of our pages. The new poll asks what will be the future energy storage medium for automotive transportation after fossil fuels. Although entrenched, fossil fuels are slowly giving way to a number of alternatives. As ...


Catalysis -- the process by which one substance creates or affects a reaction in another -- is, experts say, present in 90 percent of all commercially produced chemical products. From catalytic converters to fuel cells, petroleum refining to margarine, catalysts are used to produce desired reactions as part of the manufacturing process. A Columbus-based startup in the TechColumbus incubator sees a future in the development of application-specific catalysts, but they're thinking very, very small. pH Matter, LLC, has already received grants for ...


The U.S. Army has recently awarded pH Matter, LLC a contract to develop boron nitride nano-particles of dimensions less then 50 nm.  At these sizes, the powder will have unique properties to meet a number of application needs for the U.S. Army.


pH Matter, LLC would like to welcome you to our updated website. pH Matter is a start-up company focused on developing materials-based solutions for emerging markets related to catalysis and nano-materials.  Our expertise lies in the areas of nano-material synthesis, electro-catalytic materials, and fuel processing. Our leadership has over 30 years of experience in developing catalyst-based technology.  Our focus is on developing tailor made solutions for our customer’s applications. If you have a challenging problem where you need an innovative ...